Elementary Korean: Textbook




This is a textbook (over 1800 pages in PDF format) that contains all of the slides from the 1st to 50th YouTube videos of “Tammy Korean’s Elementary Korean Course”.

You can study all the content, so it is ideal for preparation of Korean study. This textbook also allows you to quickly review the course content without having to write it down in your notebook.

On the first page of each course, there are links to the previous and next courses. Therefore, even though this textbook has 1800 pages, you can quickly get to the slide you want.

Furthermore, since this book is in PDF format, you can view it on your computer or smartphone, or even print it out.

We sincerely hope that this book will be useful to all Korean learners.

*Lesson # 7 and 8 are not included in this main content because there are no slides.

You can view free samples of some of the textbook below.

Beginner’s Level I textbook: No. 1 and 9 (PDF)

Textbook (sample)

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