TOPIK Ⅱ Grammar List [Free Download] (Intermediate Korean)


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148 grammar list for the intermediate level (TOPIK Ⅱ) are released for free!

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TOPIK Ⅱ Grammar


Grammar list for intermediate

1-(으)ㄴ 채(로)while~버스 안에서 앉은 채로 잠자버렸다.I fell asleep while sitting on the bus.
2-(으)ㄴ/는 걸 보니(까)since~돈을 많이 쓰는 걸 보니 부자인가 봐.He must be rich since he is using a lot of money.
3-(으)ㄴ/는 김에On the way~마트에 가는 김에 친정에도 갔다.On the way to the supermarket, I visited my parent's house.
4-(으)ㄴ/는 만큼as much as (doing sth.)웃는 만큼 인생은 행복해진다.Life becomes more fun as much as you laugh.
5-(으)ㄴ/는 반면(에)Although ~택시는 편리한 반면에 지하철보다 비싸다.Although a taxi is convenient, it is more expensive than a subway.
6-(으)ㄴ/는 법이다(It) will~계속 노력한다면 개선되는 법이다.If you keep making an effort, you will get better.
7-(으)ㄴ/는 탓에Because~ (negative)운동 안 한 탓에 살이 많이 쪘어요.Because I did not work out, I gained a lot of weight.
8-(으)ㄴ/는/(으)ㄹ 모양이다seems like~비가 오는 모양이다.It seems like it is raining.
9-(으)ㄴ/는/(으)ㄹ 셈이다going to do~어떻게 할 셈이야?What are you going to do?
10-(으)ㄴ/는/(으)ㄹ 줄 몰랐다did not know~공무원 시험에 합격할 줄 몰랐다.I did not know that I passed the civil servant examination.
11-(으)ㄴ/는/(으)ㄹ 줄 알았다thought~아저씨는 연예인이 된 줄 알았는데.I thought he became a celebrity.
12-(으)ㄴ/는/(으)ㄹ지what/who/where~지갑을 어디서 잃어버렸는지 모르겠다.I don't know where I lost my wallet.
13-(으)ㄴ/는걸(요)~ though.아직 졸린걸요.I am still sleepy though.
14-(으)ㄴ/는데(요)But ~이 요리는 생각보다 맛있는데요.But this dish is more delicious than I thought.
15-(으)ㄴ/는들Even if~내가 간들 소용없다.Even if I go, it won't help much.
16-(으)ㄴ가 보다assume ~그 사람은 선생님인가 봐요.I assume he is a teacher.
17-(으)ㄴ가(요)?Is ~?여자 친구는 예쁜가요?Is your girlfriend pretty?
18-(으)나 마나no use to-길을 물어보나 마나예요.It is no use to ask him the direction.
19-(으)니까(요)Because~ (neutral)열심히 공부하니까 성적이 우수하다.Because he studies hard, his grades are excellent.
20-(으)니만큼As~노력하니만큼 결과가 기대된다.As I tried hard, I am looking forward to the result.
21-(으)ㄹ 겸 (해서)And also그에게 사과할 겸 해서 편지를 썼어요.I wrote a letter and also apologize.
22-(으)ㄹ 리가 없다There is no way~돈이 부족할 리가 없어요.There is no way the money is not enough.
23-(으)ㄹ 만하다It is worth~타개책을 시도할 만합니다.It is worth attempting a breakthrough.
24-(으)ㄹ 뻔하다almost ~과음해서 의식을 잃어버릴 뻔했어요.I almost lost consciousness from overdrinking.
25-(으)ㄹ 뿐만 아니라not only그 애기는 걸을 뿐만 아니라 잘 달린다.That baby not only walks well but also runs well.
26-(으)ㄹ 뿐이다just~국적이 다를 뿐이지 같은 인간이에요.We just have different nationalities, but we're the same human beings.
27-(으)ㄹ 수밖에 (없다)no other choice than~시간이 없으니까 뛰어갈 수밖에 없다.We don't have much time, so there is no other choice than running.
28-(으)ㄹ 정도(로)(verb)ingly놀라울 정도로 크게 외쳤다.He shouted surprisingly loud.
29-(으)ㄹ 지경이다almost~그녀가 화낼 지경이에요.She's almost mad.
30-(으)ㄹ 테니(까)will~ so~빨래를 널 테니까 애기를 봐줘.I will dry the laundry, so please look after the child.
31-(으)ㄹ 텐데should be~거기에 있을 텐데.It should be there.
32-(으)ㄹ걸 (그랬다)should have~우산 가져올 걸.I should have brought an umbrella.
33-(으)ㄹ까 말까whether~ or not길을 건널까 말까 고민했다.I wondered whether I should cross the street or not.
34-(으)ㄹ수록(adj.)er as~가면 갈수록 그 산길은 힘들어져요.The mountain road is getting harder as you go further.
35-(으)ㄹ지(도) 모르다don't know~어떻게 편집해야할지 잘 모르겠어요.I don't know how I should edit it.
36-(으)ㄹ지라도no matter~아무리 어려울지라도 저는 해냅니다.No matter how tough it is, I will complete it.
37-(으)라고 하다told me to~아버지가 빨리 손을 씻으라고 했어요.Dad told me to wash my hands quickly.
38-(으)려다가is about to~외출하려다가 누나가 찾아왔다.When I was about to go out, my sister came in.
39-(으)려던 참이다is about to학교에 가려던 참이에요.I was about to go to school.
40-(으)려면in order to~기념사진을 찍으려면 배경은 아름다워야한다.In order to take a memorial picture, the background has to be beautiful.
41-(으)로 인해(서)due to~그 이야기는 인터넷으로 인해 확산되었다.The story is widespread due to the Internet.
42-(으)로서as a~선배로서 충고 하나 할게.Let me give you some advice as a senior.
43-(으)며and~내 남자친구는 피아노도 잘 치며 노래도 잘한다.  My boyfriend is good at playing piano and singing.
44-(으)면 되다should be okay~웹사이트에서 접수하시면 됩니다.It should be okay if you apply on the website.
45-(으)므로as (sub.) needs to~아침 일찍 일어나야 하므로 이제 잡니다.As I need to wake up early in the morning, I am going to sleep now.
46-(이)나 -(이)나 할 것 없이regardless of~아이나 어른이나 할 것 없이 건강은 중요하다.Regardless of whether you are a child or an adult, health is important.
47-거든because어려보여도 제가 상사거든요.Because I am your boss even though I look young.
48-게 하다makes~동생은 나를 짜증나게 한다.My younger brother makes me annoyed.
49-고 나니(까)after~푹 쉬고 나니 열이 내려갔어요.After resting well, the fever got better.
50-고 나면after~청소하고 나면 기분이 상쾌해진다.After cleaning the house, I feel refreshed.
51-고 나서after~이메일 먼저 확인하고 나서 연락드릴게요.After checking the e-mail first, I will contact with you.
52-고 말고(요)of course~한국여행은 재미있고 말고요.Of course, traveling to Korea is fun.
53-고 말다ended up~밤늦게까지 게임하고 말았어요.I ended up playing a game until late at night.
54-고 보면actually~ once~배우고 보면 한국어는 쉬워요.Korean is actually easy to learn once you start learning.
55-곤 하다used to often~우리는 분식점 앞에서 만나곤 했다.We used to meet often in front of the cafeteria.
56-기 쉽다easy to~저 선생님의 수업은 이해하기 쉬워요.That teacher's class is easy to understand.
57-기 십상이다tend to~젊은 운전자는 실수하기 십상이다.Young drivers tend to make mistakes.
58-기 어렵다difficult to~작은 신발로는 걷기 어렵다.It is difficult to walk in small shoes.
59-기 위해(서)to~문제를 해결하기 위해서 다같이 모였다.We gathered together to resolve the issue.
60-기/게 마련이다will~준비 안 하면 후회하기 마련이다.If you don't prepare, you will regret it.
61-기는 하지만but~한국어는 어렵기는 하지만 재미도 있어요.Korean is difficult but fun to learn.
62-기는(요)no need to~고맙기는요. 별말씀을요.No need to thank me. (No problem.)
63-기만 하면 (되다)as long as~단어를 외우기만 하면 100점이다.As long as you memorize the vocabulary, you will get a full score.
64-기에(는)not good for~축구하기에는 날씨가 안 좋아요.The weather is not good for playing soccer.
65-길래since~남편이 레스토랑에 안 오길래 난 바람맞은 줄 알았다.Since my husband did not come to a restaurant, I thought he cancel the plan at the last minute.
66-ㄴ/는 척하다pretend to~그 후배는 착한 척한다.He is pretending to be nice.
67-ㄴ/는다is~후식에 딸기를 먹는다.I am eating strawberries for dessert.
68-ㄴ/는다거나or~독서한다거나 영화를 보러 간다.I read some books or go watch a movie.
69-ㄴ/는다고 치다if~일본에 간다고 치면 어디로 갈까요?If I go to Japan, where should I visit?
70-ㄴ/는다고 하다say~제 친구는 병원에 안 다닌다고 했어요.My friend said that he didn't go to the hospital.
71-ㄴ/는다고 해도even if~금연한다고 해도 잘 안 된다.Even if I am trying to quit smoking, it is difficult.
72-ㄴ/는다고(요)seems like~내일은 비가 온다고 해요.It seems like tomorrow is going to rain.
73-ㄴ/는다니that~5개국어를 한다니 대단합니다.It's amazing that you can speak 5 languages.
74-ㄴ/는다니까I'm telling you~아무리 이유를 설명해도 화를 낸다니까.I'm telling you no matter how many times I explain the reason, he is still angry.
75-ㄴ/는다더니but~우리 남편은 일찍 돌아온다더니 아직도 집에 안 왔다.My husband said he will be back soon, but he was still not home.
76-ㄴ/는다더라seems like~내일은 눈이 온다더라.It seems like tomorrow is going to snow.
77-ㄴ/는다던데heard~잘 생겼다던데 정말이야?I heard he is handsome, is that true?
78-ㄴ/는다면if~운동선수가 되고 싶다면 전문학원에 등록해야 돼.If you want to be an athlete, you need to register for a professional academy.
79-ㄴ/는다면서(요)?heard~너 영어 잘한다면서?I heard you are good at English?
80-나 보다seem to~둘이 사귀나 보다.They seem to be dating.
81-나(요)?is it?여기서 타면 되나?Is it here where we ride?
82-냐고 하다ask엄마가 시험은 언제냐고 저한테 물어봤어요.My mom asked me when the exam was.
83-느라고for~숙제하느라고 삼촌을 만날 시간이 없었다.I was busy with homework that I didn't have time to meet my uncle.
84-는 (도)중에in the middle of~연기하는 중에 기침해버렸다.I accidentally coughed when I was in the middle of acting.
85-는 길에on the way~집에 가는 길에 빵을 사 왔어요.I bought bread on my way home.
86-는 대로as~바라는 대로 이루어진다.You can become as you wish.
87-는 대신(에)instead of~술을 마시는 대신에 녹차를 마시자.Let's drink green tea instead of alcohol.
88-는 덕분에thanks to~버스가 늦게 온 덕분에 탈 수 있었다.I was able to ride the bus thanks to the fact that it was delayed.
89-는 바람에because~공부를 안 하는 바람에 성적이 떨어졌어요.My grade dropped because I did not study.
90-는 사이에when~제가 없는 사이에 택배가 오면 받아주세요.If the delivery comes when I am not home, please take it for me.
91-는 셈 치다considering~연습하는 셈 치고 오디션에 간다.I take auditions considering them as practices.
92-는 수(가) 있다can~전문가라고 해도 실패하는 수가 있어요.Even an expert can fail.
93-는 수밖에 (없다)no other choice than~가족으로부터 돈을 빌리는 수밖에 없다.There is no other choice than to borrow money from my family.
94-는 중이다on the way~지금 직장에 가는 중이에요.I am on the way going to my office.
95-는 통에because~아이들이 떠드는 통에 집중할 수 없었어요.I was not able to concentrate because the children were too noisy.
96-는 편이다tend to~저는 돈을 아끼는 편이에요.I tend to save money.
97-는 한as far as~내가 아는 한 그것은 사실이에요.As far as I know, it is true.
98-는 한편also~회사에 다니는 한편 부업도 한다.I am working at a company and also doing a side job.
99-는/은커녕even~술은커녕 차도 못 마셨어요.I could not drink alcohol, not even tea.
100-는구나I see~이 애기는 벌써 걷는구나.The baby is already walking.
101-니/냐?do you~?기분 나쁘니?Do you feel uncomfortable?
102-다(가) 보니(까)while focusing~ already~작업하다 보니까 새벽이 됐어요.While I was focusing on my work, it was already morning.
103-다(가) 보면when focusing~심호흡하다 보면 마음이 차분해집니다.When you focus on breathing deeply, you will feel calmer.
104-다가while~스마트폰을 사용하다가 모르면 물어보세요.When you don't know something while using a smartphone, please come and ask.
105-다시피as~보다시피 요즘 직장인들은 바빠요.As you can see, employees these days are busy.
106-대로as~교수님의 말씀대로 하자.Let's do as the professor told us.
107-더군(요)I heard~따님에게 귀여운 이름을 지었더군요.I heard that you have given your daughter a very cute name.
108-더니~and then강의에 늦었더니 강사님이 야단치셨다.I was late for class and then the teacher scolded me.
109-더라I heard~그 남자는 경찰에 잡혔더라.I heard the guy was caught by the police.
110-더라고(요)was~서울은 도쿄보다 춥더라고요.Seoul was colder than Tokyo.
111-더라도even~힘겨운 일이 있더라도 참는다.I endure even when I am having a hard time.
112-던used to~내가 다니던 중학교는 지금은 없어요.The middle school I used to go to is not there anymore.
113-던가(요)?Is~?오늘 결혼기념일이던가?Is today our wedding anniversary?
114-던데I found (that)길이 막히던데 사고라도 났나?I found a traffic jam. Was there an accident?
115-도록so that~이 은혜를 갚도록 항상 최선을 다하겠습니다.I will try my best to return this favor.
116-든지no matter~좋든지 싫든지 수능 봐야 한다.No matter I wish or not, I need to take the university entrance examination.
117-듯이like~미친 듯이 춤췄다.I danced like a crazy person.
118(이)라도rather~이 문제지라도 풀어볼래요?Would you like to rather solve this problem?
119-만 못하다not as~중고는 신제품만 못해요.Second-hand is not as good as a new product.
120-아/어 보이다seem~얼굴표정이 어제보다 밝아 보여요.You seem to feel better than yesterday.
121-아/어서 그런지probably becase~나이가 들어서 그런지 몸이 예전같지 않다.I feel not as strong as before probably because I am getting old.
122-아/어도even~설명 들어도 이해 못 하겠어요.I can't understand even after listening to the explanation.
123-아/어라please~공을 던져라.Please throw the ball.
124-아/어야when~술자리에는 친한 친구가 있어야 재미있다.Drinking is fun when you have a close friend.
125-아/어야지should~일찍 결혼해야지.You should marry quickly.
126-아/어지다becoming~인터넷으로 세계는 가까워지고 있어요.The world is becoming closer through the Internet.
127-았/었더라면would have~은행에서 돈을 찾았더라면 좋았을 텐데.It would have been better if I withdrew the money from a bank.
128-았/었던 것 같다think~걔는 취업했던 것 같다.I think he got a job.
129-았/었으면 하다wish~점심은 라면이었으면 해.I wish the lunch menu is ramen.
130(이)야말로the~지금이야말로 역사적인 순간입니다.This is the historical moment.
131-에 관해(서)about~인기 가수에 관해서 새로운 뉴스가 나왔어요.The latest news about a famous singer got released.
132-에 대해(서)to~부부는 서로에 대해서 배려해야 한다.Married couples have to show respect to each other.
133-에 따라(서)depending on~예산에 따라 여행일정도 달라져요.The travel plan changes depending on the budget.
134-에 의해(서)by~역경은 희망에 의해서 극복할 수 있다.Hardship can be overcome by hope.
135-에다(가)in(to)~ / at~우유는 냉장고에다가 넣었어요.I put milk into the refrigerator.
136-을/를 비롯한including~나를 비롯한 모든 사람들이 그 아이디어에 찬성한다.Everybody including me agreed on the idea.
137-을/를 통해(서)from~그 배우는 드라마를 통해서 알게 되었어요.I got to know that actor from a TV series.
138-자let's이제 문 닫자.Let's close the door.
139-자고 하다(He/she) said to~동료가 포기하지 말자고 했다.My colleague said not to give up.
140-자마자as soon as~사장님은 좋은 소식을 듣자마자 미소 지었다.The boss smiled as soon as he heard the good news.
141-잖아(요)~right?내가 많이 사줬잖아.I treated you many times, right?
142마저even~숙제가 많은 데다가 시간마저 부족하다.I have a lot of homework, but even the time is running out.
143만큼as~가족만큼 중요한 것은 없다.There is nothing as important as family.
144아무 -(이)나any~아무 옷이나 가져오세요.Bring any kind of clothes.
145아무 -도no~아무 걱정도 없어요.I have no worries at all.
146얼마나 -(으)ㄴ/는지how~그 당시에는 얼마나 가난했는지 몰라요.You can't imagine how poor we were at the time.
147조차even~기다림조차 설렙니다.Even the waiting time is exciting for me.
148치고(는)for~아이돌치고는 나이가 많다.He is old for an idol.