TOPIK I Grammar List [Free Download] (Beginner Korean)


A wonderful gift for those who are taking the Beginner Level of Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK)!

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84 grammar list for the beginner level (TOPIK I) are released for free!

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TOPIK I Grammar

Grammar list for beginner

1이/가is [subject particle]이름이 뭐예요?What is your name?
날씨가 좋아요.The weather is good.
2은/는is / am [topic particle]선생님은 지금 안 계세요.The teacher is not here now.
저는 미국사람이에요.I am an American.
3을/를[object particle]책을 읽어요.I am reading a book.
택시를 불러 주세요.Please, call a taxi.
4와/과 and토미 씨와 친구예요.Tommy and I are friends.
소설책과 교과서를 가져왔어요.I brought a novel and a textbook.
5(이)랑 and설렁탕이랑 김밥 주세요.Please, give me seoulleongtang and kimbap.
6(이)랑 with친구랑 같이 왔어요.I came with a friend.
7하고 and양념 치킨하고 맥주 주세요.Please, give me yangnyeom chicken and beer.
8 also / as well내일도 오늘도 비가 와요.It is raining also today and tomorrow.
9to남대문 시장에 가고 싶어요.I want to go to Namdaemun market.
10에서from공항에서 지하철 타고 왔어요.I came by subway from the airport.
11까지until강남까지 가고 싶어요.I want to go until Gangnam.
12부터from지하철은 아침 5시부터 운영해요.The subway operates from 5 am in the morning.
13(으)로to저는 학교로 가는 길이에요.I am on my way to school.
저는 부산으로 가요.I am going to Busan.
14to [polite form]부모님께 드리고 싶어요.I want to give it to my parents.
15께서[honorific nominative
할머니께서 부탁하셨어요.My grandmother has asked me to.
16에게to우리 엄마에게 주고 싶어요.I want to give it to my mother.
17에게서from호텔 직원에게서 받았어요.I got it from the hotel staff.
18한테to백화점 안내원한테 물어보세요.Please ask it to the department store receptionist.
19한테서from이거는 친구한테서 선물로 받은 거예요.I got this as a present from my friend.
20(이)나 or버스나 지하철 타고 갈게요.I will take a bus or a subway.
교환이나 환불 원하시면 연락주세요.Please, contact us for an exchange or refund.
21(이)나rather밥이나 먹으러 가고 싶어요.I want to rather go eat.
22(이)나even쇼핑하는데 열 시간이나 걸렸어요.It took even ten hours to shop.
23only지금 5000원만 있어요.I have only 5000 won now.
24[subject]'s내 친구의 그림은 아주 멋져요.My friend's drawing is so awesome.
25마다whenever한국에 올 때마다 이 가게를 찾아요.I visit this shop whenever I come to Korea.
26밖에only시간이 한 시간밖에 없어요.There is only one hour of time.
27보다more / better than이것보다 이게 더 어울려요.This goes better than this.
28처럼like / similar to배우처럼 생기셨네요.You look like an actor.
29(으)ㄴ 것 같다I think / feel택시 비용이 좀 비싼 것 같아요.I think the taxi's price is a bit expensive.
30(으)ㄹ 것 같다I guess / assume이 화장품은 인기가 많을 것 같아요.I guess this cosmetic will be popular.
31(으)ㄴ 적이 있다I have이 가게에 와 본 적이 있어요.I have been to this store.
32(으)ㄴ 적이 없다I have not저는 한국에 가본 적이 없어요.I have not been to Korea.
33(으)ㄴ 지How long since이 가게가 생긴 지 얼마나 됐어요?How long has it been since this store has opened?
34(으)ㄴ 지since한국에 온 지 3일이 지났습니다.Three days have passed since I came to Korea.
35(으)ㄴ 후에after쇼핑한 후에 밥 먹었습니다.I ate after shopping.
36(으)ㄴ데(요)although역에서 좀 먼데요,Although it is a little far from the station,
37(으)ㄴ데(요)but죄송한데요, 길 좀 알려줄 수 있어요?Excuse me, but can you tell me the way?
38(으)니까because / since달러 밖에 없으니까 환전해야 돼요.I need to exchange money because I only have dollars.
39(으)ㄹ 것이다will be여기 식당은 맛있을 거예요.The restaurant here will be delicious.
40(으)ㄹ 때when내가 버스타고 있었을 때 잃어버렸어요.I lost it when I was on the bus.
41(으)ㄹ 수 있다can저는 한국말 조금 할 수 있어요.I can speak Korean a little bit.
42(으)ㄹ 수 없다can not여기서는 사진을 찍을 수 없어요.You can't take a photo here.
43(으)ㄹ게요will제가 할게요.I will do it.
44(으)ㄹ까 하다is / am thinking of명동에 갈까 해요.I am thinking of going to Myeongdong.
45(으)ㄹ까 봐thinking / worried that여행가는데 현금이 모자랄까봐 걱정했어요.I was worried that there won't be enough cash for the travel.
46(으)ㄹ까요?Should we여기서 걸어갈까요?Should we walk from here?
47(으)ㄹ래요will저는 이걸로 할래요.I will go with this one.
48(으)ㄹ래요?would you이걸로 계산하실래요?Would you like to pay with this?
49(으)러 가다go (in order) to한국에 관광하러 갈 거예요.I will go to Korea to travel.
50(으)러 오다come (in order) to여기에 예약하러 왔어요.I came here to make a reservation.
51(으)려고going to한국말을 공부하려고 해요.I am going to study Korean.
52(으)려고요going / planning to아이돌 콘서트에 가려고요.I am going to go to a singer's concert.
53(으)면if부산에 가면 뭘 볼 수 있을까요?What can I see if I go to Busan?
54(으)면서while핸드폰을 보면서 걷지 마세요.Do not walk while watching your phone.
55(으)ㅂ시다Let's순두부를 주문해 봅시다.Let's order sundubu.
56(으)세요Please삼겹살 2인분 주세요.Please, give us 2 servings of samgyeopsal.
57(으)십시오Please또 놀러 오십시오.Please, visit us again.
58(이)지요? right?카드로 계산 되지요?I can pay with a credit card, right?
59거나 and/or시장에 가거나 카페에 가고 싶어요.I want to go to a market or a café.
60make [adj]싸게 해 주세요.Please, make the price cheaper.
61게 되다happen to한국에 오게 됐어요.I happened to come to Korea.
62 and (then)밥 먹고 자요.I will eat food and sleep.
63고 싶다want to약국에 가고 싶어요.I want to go to the pharmacy.
64고 있다is / am [v]ing지금 무슨 말 할까 생각하고 있어요.I am thinking about what to say right now.
65군요 right?병원에 가려면 여기 쭉 가면 되는군요.I can go this way straight to go to the hospital, right?
66기 때문에because of너무 많이 걸었기 때문에 다리가 아파요.My leg hurts because of walking too much.
67기 전에before결제하기 전에 확인하고 싶은 게 있는데요.I want to check something before making the payment.
68기로 하다decided to오늘은 쇼핑하기로 했어요.I decided to go shopping today.
69네요 right?그럼 다 합쳐서 4000원이네요.So, it is 4000won all together, right?
70는 게 좋겠다better to시간이 없으니까 빨리 가는 게 좋겠어요.It is better to hurry since we don't have much time.
71는데for입국심사하는데 별로 많이 안 기다렸어요.I didn't wait much for immigration.
72ㅂ/습니까?[interrogative forms of formal polite style]언제 한국에 갑니까?When are you going to Korea?
73ㅂ/습니다formal polite style내일 한국에 갑니다.I am going to Korea tomorrow.
74아/어/여 보다try이것도 시식해 보세요.Please, try eating this as well.
75아/어/여 주다[v] (for) me / us알려줘서 고마워요.Thank you for telling me.
76아/어/여야 되다need to / must한국어를 공부해야 돼요.I need to study Korean.
77아/어/여야 하다need to / must차 타고 가야 해요.I need to ride a car.
78아/어요informal polite style좋아요.That is good.
79았/었/였으면 좋겠다wish / hope빨리 배달 왔으면 좋겠어요.I hope the delivery arrives soon.
80지 말다do not담배 피우지 마세요.Please, do not smoke.
81지 못하다can not도와주지 못 해서 죄송해요.I am sorry that I can't help much.
82지 않다not지하철 타지 않고 걸어갈게요.I will not take a subway and instead I will walk.
83지만but / however오래 전에 주문했지만 요리가 아직 안 왔어요.We have ordered the dishes a while ago, but they are not here yet.
84이/가 아니다not제 물건이 아니에요.That is not mine.