[Learn Korean E8] How to Type Korean Keyboard on Windows 10 and Mac

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When you start studying Korean, many people want to know how to type Korean on the computer, right?

However, not all computers have Korean keyboard from the beginning. So, you first need to set up a Korean keyboard on your computer.

And that is why today, I would like to teach you how to set up a Korean input source on both Windows and Macbook computers.

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How to set up a Korean input source on Windows 10

I will first explain how to set Korean input on Windows.
I will explain using a Windows 10 computer device.

First, click the “Windows mark” at the bottom left of the screen.

Next, click the “gear mark (Settings)” that appears just above the Windows mark.

Then, after the gear mark is displayed on the blue screen for a moment, the “Windows Settings” screen will be shown.

Click “Time and Language” in the middle of the screen.

When the “Time and Language” screen pops up, click “Language” on the left column.

When the “Language” screen opens, click “Add a preferred Language” button at the bottom.

When the message “Choose a language to install” appears, search for “한국어 / Korean” in the language list displayed below and click.

Or you can type “Korean” in the search box that is labeled “Type a language name …”, to find it quickly.

After clicking “Korean”, click “Next” on the bottom.

When the “Install language features” window pops up, please uncheck “Set as my display language” and click “Install” at the bottom.

“Korean” will be installed, usually in about a minute or two.

The installation is complete when the message “Language pack installed” pops up.

Your computer is now ready to type in Korean.

Click the “ENG” mark at the bottom right of your computer screen, on the left of the clock.

If “Korean” is listed below “English”, it means Korean keyboard was installed without any problem.

There are two ways to switch between Korean input and English input.

The first is to click on the “A” mark.

The other method is to press the Alt key on the right side of the keyboard. This method is easier for switching.

However, some keyboards do not have the Alt key on the right side.
In that case, click the “A” mark to switch as in the first method.

When the “A” mark changes to “가”, the keyboard is switched successfully.

In this way, typing in Korean is possible when the “한” mark and the “가” mark are both displayed at the same time.
Try typing in Hangul in a text file or a search box in your browser.

How to set up a Korean input source on macOS High Sierra

Next, I will explain how to set a Korean input source on a Mac computer.

For your information, I am using a MacBook Air with High Sierra OS for the explanation.

However, the method should be almost the same for other OS as well, so please refer to this explanation.

First, click “System Preferences.”

Then, click “Keyboard.”

When the “Keyboard” screen opens, click “Input Sources” and then click the “+” mark at the bottom left.

When the screen for selecting language opens, enter “Korean” in the search box at the bottom left.

A list of Hangul inputs will be displayed on the right side.
Select “2-Set Korean” from the list and click “Add” at the bottom right.

This completes the input settings.

Hangul can be selected by clicking the input menu on the top right corner of the screen.

There are 2 ways to switch between English and Korean.

The first is to press the Control key and the Space key together at the same time to select Korean from the list of languages.
Each time you press the spacebar, the language switches.

The second method is to press the Control key, the Option key, and the Space key at the same time.
Each time you press these three keys together, the language switches.

How to type on a Korean keyboard

The arrangement of characters on a Korean keyboard looks like this.

【 Source : Wikipedia 】

Korean characters are made up of 3 elements: consonants, vowels, and final consonants.
You just need to remember these three elements when typing.

For example, to type the word 토미, it will be ㅌ+ㅗ+ㅁ+ㅣ.
For the word 많다, it will be ㅁ+ㅏ+ㄴ+ㅎ+ㄷ+ㅏ.

Also, if you want to type a tense sound, hold down the Shift key and press ㄱ,ㄷ,ㅂ,ㅅ,ㅈ.
Similarly, if you hold down the Shift key and press ㅐ, it becomes ㅒ.
If you press ㅔ, it becomes ㅖ.

Before starting to type in Korean, it can be difficult to remember the position of Hangul characters on the keyboard.

If you have trouble memorizing them, I recommend a keyboard sticker.
This is very convenient.

It’s simple because all you need to do is just put a sticker on the keyboard, but it’s very helpful in remembering the position of Hangul characters.
Please try using it.

Also, if you’re using Windows and your keyboard doesn’t have a right Alt key, you might want to buy an external keyboard which has a right Alt key.

After all, if you can type fast in Korean, it will be very troublesome to switch between English and Hangul every time by clicking.

I also use an external keyboard because I often type in Korean for work.
If you think you’ll be typing in Korean quite often in near future, I recommend you to consider buying one.

By the way, I use an external keyboard like this.
It is very useful because the keys are big and easy to type.

That’s all for today.

See you next time.

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